Friday, December 01, 2017

Yummies & babies! Let's make merry.

I am not a very big fan of kids just lazying around and spending their time in front of the TV screen. Call me the “fun spoiler” but really, it’s very unhealthy! These holidays I unfortunately and fortunately have two little boys that I have to keep entertained and happy like my life depends on it. One (cousin) is 12 and the other (brother) is turning 9 this month. Since food is “the way to put a smile” on any male face, I decided to find new things to cook for them… things that required them to get engaged!! Did I mention that they like to be in the kitchen with me? (Blessing No. 1) lol

Today we decided to begin our month baking (or rather tray baking as the internet taught me) the yummiest cake with my two happy helpers. I will share the recipe down below. You can try this with your kids as well, cousins, siblings, significant other…anyone!!

Try it, its affordable and fun!


(NB: I used simple measuring instruments that you can find in almost every household, I got you;) )

Half of the 500g margarine
200g of sugar (almost half of the 500g margarine container)
Self-raising flour (1500g sing margarine container)
2sps baking powder
Food color
4 eggs
Ingredients costed about 600kenyan shillings!! 


1.Mix the flour with baking powder in one bowl
2.In bowl 1: Add margarine and sugar. Mix with your hands (don’t forget your little helpers ) until the mixture is fine again

3.In bowl 2: beat the eggs

4.Add the eggs to bowl 1 and mix
5.Add one cup of milk in the new mixture 
6.Add 4 spoons of sultanas (yes! I used a spoon to measure the quantity)

7.Mix everything together for about 2mins., and keep adding little milk until you are satisfied with the softness of the dough. It should easily slide off of a spoon when you raise it into the air!
8.Preheat your oven at 180C and make sure that you grease the pan with margarine 
9.Turn out into the tin/ pan and level the top
10.Mix a spoon of milk with food color. Dip a fork into the mixture and run it on top of the leveled dough making patterns  
11.Bake for about 30- 35mins

12.Leave to cool
13.Cut into whatever size pieces you like (Ps. Cut out bite sizes for smaller children!)

14.Serve to your delight! 

Enjoy your desserts and have an amazing holiday season!! Ho ho ho!!
If you have anything that you would recommend for me to try, kindly drop it in the comment section below and also share with me how your yummy cake baking adventure goes with your little team!

Monday, October 23, 2017

Not Yet!

Hello there! This new piece was written by one of my friends, who so happens to be an amazing author. He shares part of his life experience through words so beautifully in contrast to the situation addressed. Enjoy and show him some love in the comment section down below.. it will be much appreciated!!

Ps. His details are listed at the end of this article.

The source!

I feel so alone

Even on this bus as I write, 

I feel so alone 

I've called your name but

It gets lost in the wind 

So I guess I'll go on 

Feeling so alone

In a room with countless souls

Some loud, brave and bold 

I stare and wait to see if you'll appear,


I no longer want to be here 

Why won't you call me home 

My vision is not clear 

My sight blurred by the tears

Please let me come home

I've tried to smile

But it hurts my bones 

I've tried to laugh 

But I no longer feel that warmth

My heart now,

It's grown cold 

I guess it's a chance at happiness the shall remain blown

I'm shattered now 

I'm in countless pieces

No one is around to help me seek them

So I turn to 'him'

The one who stays above 

He tells me it's not my time yet

I cannot go home

Pick up the shards 

Let's melt that glass

Taking the heat will be hard

But that's always been the plan 

You see, now that your warm

It'll be easier to mold 

Enough pressure turns dirt to diamonds more valuable than gold

So now I sit here

So now I see

I needed to be alone

I needed to think

You see the broken pieces is why I felt so alone

But now that pieces are together again,

I will go back to being whole


The Source!

Thank you for taking your time to read this.

Author's Details: David Du
You Tube - DavidDu
Instagram- @david_du

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


My Natural!

So I am one of those people who honestly appreciate the power of the make up yet, still love and believe in "thy naturelle beau :)".
For this reason (that I was having a natural or natural crisis), I decided to keep my hair natural so that I have that chance to call myself a "natural" woman even on days that I choose to use make up (which is really rare!).
All women with natural hair (especially with the rough African texture) get away with this somehow... so why not!?? I mean, look at Lupita (K.E)! Look at Lira (S.A)! Just look at them... beautiful aren't they?

Here are more reasons why i decided to "go naturelle" (insert dramatic tone) :

  • First of all, one time I lied to myself (actually it was that lady on YouTube, I think) that managing natural hair would be easier and cheaper because -that lady on YouTube- said she only sprinkled water on her hair, nothing else! Well shock on me!
 Anyway... I made peace with that and now I realize that:
  • I have magical hair: it's thick, black, and super curly! I wear a 4C crown that identifies me with my roots and I love that!
  • The satisfaction that comes with having this "baby" to take care of and see her grow just does it for me! Yes, my hair is my baby (forget the times that I wanted to cut her off. I was not in my right mind and the hair was probably a little suicidal *smirk*!) 
  • It is a good challenge for me, I love long hair so keeping mine and growing it with that hope that one day it will reach to the length that I would love... is quite an interesting ride, especially now that it shrinks to about 80% of it's actual length. Yeah, good luck to me.
  • I looove the smell of natural hair products (particularly coconut oil and shampoo)!! Honestly, just go to one of these shops where you get hair products from and sniff around that hair products section. Don't go around sniffing people's heads though, some are quite... (the unmentionable).
  • Finally I can do whatever I want with my look whether kinky, shaggy/ unkept, locks, straight, braids, lines, whatever it is, I am spoilt for choice. I told you, this hair is magic! And ontop of that, I am not restricted from rocking weaves. #blessings
      I use only castor oil and a little water to make these!
      Oh, and the hair line thing? That's all gel! xx
    About a week ago! All i did was sleep with twist outs then openeed
    them in the morning, brushed the front part and walked out of the house! 

PS: I am not trying to recruit anyone (man or woman) into this natural hair gang, but if you so wish to be a part of it... let's rock it! :)
If you already are "natural", what do you love most about your hair?? And if not, what do you love most about your hair??
Share your thoughts with me down below in the comment section :) xx

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Take it however you see it: a literally black heart, a dark aura,cloudy day (like it is today!)... just don't tag it suicidal ;-)
Keep an open mind as you read this, I am not trying to be the female version of Caitlyn Jenner...! But this is what one man said... one wise one who became foolish at the lure of a toxic goddess with a black heart.


Sitting here, cracking my neck from left to right to left to right
Because of the relief that comes with knowing that you are no longer mine
Dear angel with the most kind words and ruthless actions
I am glad to now be an independent host of the consistent search for something new
And never settling even when I find the best of all black hearts

Here lies the product of your unstable mind and unreal truths
Here is the monster that you created by insulting his initial kindness
The most innocent heart and fragile soul that now looks at creatures of your type as worthless and untrustworthy
Meet him, the king of now the ravishing and golden world of black hearts and stone kisses

This is how I went from flapping my light wings,
to running on quivering feet
To walking without direction,
To crawling and rolling my weight to the direction that gravity dictates
Despite my enticing physique and charm,I am as fragile as a new born
Covered in the physical armor that fails to lock my heart away from bullets and riots
Chants and riffraff
From all the black hearts

I have come to learn that my torso, my smile, my eyes, my hands,
My crotch- oh that damn unruly ****
They betray me
They so strongly magnetize the wrong Eves
The rotten ribs that strive to engrave deep into my reluctant soul
And thrive in painting my holy to something I never imagined I could be

A black heart

Have you ever had an encounter with a black heart? Or a toxic soul? Feel free to share your experience and thoughts with me in the comment section, and share with anyone whom you think will love this!! Cheers!!!


Monday, May 29, 2017


I love to work and get productive in my everyday activities. One of the things that get me moving and fueled up is the friendship(s) that I form at my work place, the events, conferences that I attend and all the productive spaces that I get involved in. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you would like to see it, once I get a good friend and like them, I can get really attached and always want to spend my time with the person... guess what happens when this kind of person disappears form my life for a week or more...!
 Intro-vexed would be the perfect way to explain it. This is a combination of my introverted self being vexed by the situation... trust me, it ain't pretty :(

Intro-vexed without you

They will continue to watch us
As they have been watching and watching all along
The things that we used to do together
That make me believe that I will not survive your absence
Because I cannot face these billions of eyes and blank faces  
In these pathetic busy streets and hallways

You leave me numb and perplexed for I know not what it feels like 
To not be consumed into your ravishing presence
I cannot stand it
The way they look at me
As if I kidnapped your soul from the face of the earth
The way they stare at me with screaming silence
With pitiful eyes and sorrowful smiles
As if I lost a part of me when you went on leave
I do not know how to deal with it
The small talks that leave me with an oblivious smile
The empty information and hullabaloos
That suck away all my enthusiasm for the moment
And all six black walls that fence me as I walk
Isolating me from the rest of this bad mad world

Return. Rescue. Epole!

Yes those who get to know me well think that i am nowhere near introverted, but trust me!! I can be really socially awkward and hide away in my own shell for as long as i'm around the people that i am not used to. (A dedication to my workmate and "boss" who now is my great friend)

Monday, March 27, 2017

I'm in love with my coffee stain

I'm so in love!

I’m in love with my coffee stain!
Let me tell you a story… a very beautiful story about my remarkable coffee stain!!
It is ever printed so boldly on my white tank top. It has shamelessly beautiful eyes and a great personality on top. It has flaws that have progressively proven to be artistically gorgeous! Yes, my coffee stain has a personality and a half with a million shades of brown and diverse shapes from bottom to top.
My coffee stain is a girl
A girl who loves herself because she is so unique! She can and will always do things to promote healing in her life. As strangers continue to stare at her with judging eyes, wondering “what is wrong with this chic?” She care-lessly oozes of an aura that shouts “I’m smart, important, strong, confident and quite a survivor.
I’m happy with whom I am and I believe in myself greatly.
I am special and I will not change myself for anyone because then, I would be a mimic.”
Yes, she is a woman and a half that’s why her name could be Nelly, Purity or Meron… A queen in reign, with bold curves and edges but I choose to call her Monique 

But I lied. My coffee stain is a man!
A very gorgeous man with beautiful hands and a breathtaking smile.
He has sharp eyes that burn with joy from a mile.
He is remarkable with the arts, creating things that just blow my mind.
He is very handy and puts a great twist to everything he manages to stain.
He is every girl’s dream because to go with his alluring coffee smell, he is a great listener!
I named him Mackaskill,, then Eric but ever since I began to miss my home land Lesotho,
I settled with a new name Thabo! By the way… has incredible driving skills!

This article a very special one, dedicated to all my friends!... I may have not put your photo here, but I appreciate you. All the memories you bring to my life and all the time that we spend together. I am so so grateful to have you as part of my chosen family, God bless you!

PS: Most of the words used in this article are words and phrases that have been used by my friends. They have been so inspirational to me and the main reason why I decided to publish this unique piece about them and for them. ♡ 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

I LOVE YOU TOO: my Valentine's Story!

I love you too

I’m a deep and delicate soul. I feel too much and I dig in too deep from my heart, sacrificing myself for the sake of other’s happiness. This is one of the things that just give me joy and makes me feel fulfilled at the end of the day, yet on some days all this is collected and dumped with the trash (OUCH!!). Not that with the love and care that I share with others, I expect an “I love you too!”, but again I certainly do not want to experience any feedback that says “Your love is trash.” because...

I love you too, is the tune I want to listen to and hear when you laugh

I love you too is the flower I want to admire in your smile, it’s just enough

I love you too is the glow I’m eager to see upon arrival, don’t be tough

I love you too is the chemistry i'll always long for when I am with you

Because I love you is my daily song and I’m enchanted to experience your “I love you too”


 It is for this reason, I am a part of the Souls of Charity Initiative and on Sunday, the 12th Feb, 17… we went to Kawangware, to do one of my favorite things: To Give. Not just to give food, help and other material things, but also to share love, create moments and memories that will last for a life time. And this is my Valentine’s story…

Joy. That's all we are about!

To never sleep on an empty stomach, is a blessing

Who said this was only meant for the ladies... The Souls men know no boundaries!!

Making funny faces with one of the children at the orphanage

REMEMBER: James 1:27(NIV)
Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.”