Monday, October 24, 2016

Retha's Law

 Hello from the other side!!! This time we are tuning it a notch higher in this club: & I am talking about the good stuff in poetry. In this month's poem, i introduce to you... "The Law of Retha."! Yeah, this is where you congratulate me. Thank you- thank you.

Maybe i did not break the news to you that well, so here goes: i have finally been initiated to the cool club of the geniuses. Trust me, the stars have finally shone their spot light upon me and declared me the newest member of the club where you find people like Picasso, Ohm, Einstein and the likes. This is why i had to come up with my own Law: Retha's Law. Seriously, you will get to understand these things once the stars decide... but for now, let's get to the good part.... the poem itself. The new force. The Lawwwwwww......

Enjoy :)) xx

Retha’s Law; The law states that:

For anyone to truly know another, they must first understand them & for me
My beautiful pieces of a mighty dream are in the form of thin papers
With a billion pieces of alphabets printed on them
A dozen numbers and a couple of algebraic magic tricks
Now this is how simple and interesting it can get
It is in these million matrix problems that my dream is buried:
My treasures, my joys and the brightest light at the end of my tunnel

I am just an element with at least a trillion pieces of a mighty dream,
The only pictures of the future and the ultimate goal are painted in my nucleus,
There they are fused in and compressed to solidify
And I see it always, when I flip my eyes to the back of my head
Where the very DNA of the so often dubbed “young and successful” dwells
Now this makes me believe that “everything that I wanted, it is more than I thought it would be”
So I fell in love with Newton, Fleming, Ohm, Boyle, Charles, Einstein and the rest of the cool crew
So I believed that it is in this group that I belong, and it is exactly where I ran to

My ambitious dreams have put me in a solo world
Where things are much more fulfilling and more than what I imagined them to be
Thankfully, God always makes it better such that all these equate to one expression, as shown below;

“Put together the pieces to your puzzled up dream, one piece at a time!”

I thank thee dear brethren, for taking the time to go through this awesome piece. Don't forget to leave thy comment, and share. Now you know the Law, thou shalt not break this law, because it is the way of life. I'm sorry to have taken so long to update, but as you can  guess, I was in law school, hahaha...

I appreciate and love you all, you guys are great!! :)


  1. Yeah one piece at a grain of sand at a time.kudos

  2. Great piece. Not breaking the law. Keep up the great work.

  3. Great piece. Not breaking the law. Keep up the great work.

  4. Thank you... I'm glad to see that I fit well in this new club of the cools 😃

  5. wow....what a it!!

  6. Good information,when u compare yourself with the greats,you also become great