Wednesday, December 21, 2016


Photo Credits go to the amazing Fusion Imagery
Merry X-Mas and a happy new year!!! Well... you have most probably heard enough of these greetings but this one more doesn't hurt, now does it? This December marks one year since I started this blog, I have not exactly been consistent with my posts as I would have liked to but oh well...
it explains why this new, amazing piece that I have for you today!! I have been thinking quite a lot about what life is, what it means to me and why God decided to keep me here for this long (well... not that I an complaining) but because I don't want to waste this precious time and opportunity He has given me TO BE ME.
This entire year, I have been able to discover a very interesting new side of myself. About my character, my interests, my strengths and weaknesses, my beliefs, my career, my personality and above all my faith in God. So, here is a lil sumn' that has been going through my mind for a while now, and I believe being able to answer "important" questions as I progress and adventure into new spaces, that is what will direct me to the so called destination of mine. That's what they call it anyway!
Enjoyyyyyy :) xx

WHOM am I; WHAT do I want?; WHERE do I start?

It is only in the absence of my mischievous loved ones that I appreciate their infuriating hullaballoos

Only in the cage of today’s manipulative city and “fast lanes” that I miss the wilderness I have never known

Yet when the summer comes I often complain of its extreme heat and curse the winter for its life threatening cold

What is it that I really want? Is it the wrath of the so called “calm seas” or the calmness of the same “stormy seas” ?

Because I am trying to figure out the irony of life and the oxymoronic nature of our coexistence

I was created and built to be legitimate, that I know!

And I guess the confusion of life is a mandatory part of the package as a path to discovery

For me to grow and be “WHOLE”;

To fail, then learn;

To fall, then rise;

To get hurt, then heal;

To get lost, then find my way;

To develop thrilling interest in the philosophy of existence in its simplest form, then live the life that I dream of:

Through adventure in pursuit of feeding my naturally curious mind

What is life and what do I really want from it for myself; for God, and for the world?

So I keep asking myself:
"WHOM am I; WHAT do I want?; WHERE do I start?"

Thank you so much for taking time to rea though, as always do not forget to share this post with someone whom it might help. And to go with it, keep in mind that whoever you become is a gift to God, especially when you become just what He has called you to, so it is important to find self, fall in love with self and be self!
For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.
All thanks to Mr. Vick from the Journey MKU for sharing an eye opening lesson on the 3 question. It was truly inspirational :)

oh, and one last thing... I have come to loooooove a song by Alessia Cara. It is amaaaaazing, trust me! You should totally listen to it :), just click HERE!!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Retha's Law

 Hello from the other side!!! This time we are tuning it a notch higher in this club: & I am talking about the good stuff in poetry. In this month's poem, i introduce to you... "The Law of Retha."! Yeah, this is where you congratulate me. Thank you- thank you.

Maybe i did not break the news to you that well, so here goes: i have finally been initiated to the cool club of the geniuses. Trust me, the stars have finally shone their spot light upon me and declared me the newest member of the club where you find people like Picasso, Ohm, Einstein and the likes. This is why i had to come up with my own Law: Retha's Law. Seriously, you will get to understand these things once the stars decide... but for now, let's get to the good part.... the poem itself. The new force. The Lawwwwwww......

Enjoy :)) xx

Retha’s Law; The law states that:

For anyone to truly know another, they must first understand them & for me
My beautiful pieces of a mighty dream are in the form of thin papers
With a billion pieces of alphabets printed on them
A dozen numbers and a couple of algebraic magic tricks
Now this is how simple and interesting it can get
It is in these million matrix problems that my dream is buried:
My treasures, my joys and the brightest light at the end of my tunnel

I am just an element with at least a trillion pieces of a mighty dream,
The only pictures of the future and the ultimate goal are painted in my nucleus,
There they are fused in and compressed to solidify
And I see it always, when I flip my eyes to the back of my head
Where the very DNA of the so often dubbed “young and successful” dwells
Now this makes me believe that “everything that I wanted, it is more than I thought it would be”
So I fell in love with Newton, Fleming, Ohm, Boyle, Charles, Einstein and the rest of the cool crew
So I believed that it is in this group that I belong, and it is exactly where I ran to

My ambitious dreams have put me in a solo world
Where things are much more fulfilling and more than what I imagined them to be
Thankfully, God always makes it better such that all these equate to one expression, as shown below;

“Put together the pieces to your puzzled up dream, one piece at a time!”

I thank thee dear brethren, for taking the time to go through this awesome piece. Don't forget to leave thy comment, and share. Now you know the Law, thou shalt not break this law, because it is the way of life. I'm sorry to have taken so long to update, but as you can  guess, I was in law school, hahaha...

I appreciate and love you all, you guys are great!! :)

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Margins Of Beauty!

Dear Woman of the African soil, you are gorgeous, you are amazing and lovable. Let not the guidelines of the world direct and influence your dreams. Be ambitious and dare to do things greater than yourself... nobody got time for quality that is at the bottom of the ladder. Strike and shine, but don't forget to be yourself- "The glamorous woman who defines the very margins of beauty" :) xx

An African woman defining the very margins of beauty!! Picture courtesy of Fusion Imagery

 This piece is particularly meant to celebrate and pour out the love to the African woman, encourage you and remind you of your worth. It is also to challenge you to be your best yet, to imagine what it would be like if only you took the effort to be better in all areas of your life instead of just dreaming. Just how much different it would be if you were your authentic self, no secrets, no lies, no what ifs, no "only if"s, no "i wish" and so on...!!

 Lots of love from me, enjoy :)

Margins Of Beauty!

I define the very margins of beauty

Honestly, I wish I had a little bit more of nature in me

I just want to feel good, every second that I breathe

And compose music each time my heart plays the beat

I (want to) swing my hips from left to right and dance to my own theme 

I (want to be) am my own woman, strong and desirable

And I let not the customs of today define beauty for me

I (want to) lose my plastic and shine a brighter reflection of me

To let the world see Africa in my eyes, and the amour of self-worth

Yes, I (want to) show the universe that I am a flame of glamour

 I (want to be) am a shooting star in a world of dying wishes

And I redefine the meaning of a shimmering treasure

I step into greatness and break the world’s idea of a woman

Like a milky way, I (want to) attract the artistic eye and the scientific brain

I (want to be) am the satisfaction of my own curiosity about being unique

For this purpose and course, I define the very margins of beauty:

I. Am. A. Glamorous. Woman!! 


How do you define yourself as a woman?? Whom are you letting to influence you?? What does life in the next 10 years look like for you?? Just like any other woman, these are some of the questions that i ask myself and try my best to put myself in the position to achieve my goals. As a woman, i believe we have that ability and power within ourselves to be great and go beyond the physical beauty... DO YOU?? 
Kindly share with other women, and leave a comment in the section provided below. Thank you for reading and i hope that you are challenged to improve yourself today!! Cheers! 

 You can find me of Instagram  @morrrr__, Facebook as Retha Moraa and Twitter @RethaMoraa

Friday, June 10, 2016

Brown Skin.


Hello, Helloooo wonderful soul?? Happy New month of June! I am so delighted to bring you this old poem. Old because I wrote it more than a year ago... this is one of those poems that just give me the "chills", you know? It is passion filled and, like the rest of my work, was born from deep within. Cheers to you all brown skinned men, women, boys and girls. You are truly beautiful... made of gold I guess. What ever it is, the soil that created you is one of a kind.

 I dedicate this to all the brown skinned and all who love them as much as I do.

Enjoy :) xx

Brown skin...
Here's to the chocolate moments
The saccharine times that I cherish
Of the romantic waft you branded
And glorious kisses you planted

Brown skin
Here's to the tender feel you plant on me
To the warm energy you transfer
The angelic touches
 And the electrifying feel you ignite

Brown skin...
Here's to the little pores you host
That expel thy fruity scent
So addictive and alluring
And the firm pose, so charming

Brown skin
Here's to the imperfections you hold
The curves and edges so enticing
As deep with perfection
And the shimmering, silky figure
The spotless clay well crafted
Of the heavenly brand that God created

Brown skin...
Here's to the mind blowing moments
To the passion buried in you
To the caress so intense yet tender
To your classic moves I surrender

Brown skin...
Here's to the legacy of you
The haunting grips you left behind
That can never vanish but intensify

Here's to everything about you
Because you know I love you
Oh, Brown Skin.


 This poem was first published on Wattpad, those who follow me might have come across it. My username is Twinkle064 if you would like to read the Wattpad version of it. Thanks and I hope you enjoyed it... did you feel it?? Remember to drop a comment... share and keep reading. Much love  xx

Apart from the comments section below, you can also find me on E-mail , on Facebook and Twitter as Retha Moraa and instagram as morrrr__

Kisses! :)

Monday, April 18, 2016


Ghost Man... one of my favorite pieces of art!No lie!!:)
Picture courtesy of
 This poem reflects on so much that i have gone through before, in the past... and that makes it truly personal for me. With sharing this, i hope to let you know that in all that you go through, all those messy situations, the hurtful confusing ones, you know? The very ugly ones: there is a time to let go of all the garbage and step into the light that God has shone upon us. Sometimes the best way to earn that genuine smile is to create peace within and stop fighting battles that can never be won. Cheers to the ones that walk around with genuine smiles... those that were brave enough to let the GHOST MAN free!!! You rockkkk.. and Cheers to those in the process, i hope you will be inspired :)

Ghost man
You came but you are the face that I never knew
How do you feel that to me everything is brand new
That to me there is no one that exists that’s like you
You left me in a puddle of these thorny tears
And my heart throbbing painfully through my ears
You were a ghost through-out all these years
With your touch you completely blinded my sight
And your whispers darkened the day light
But with all that; everything felt so right

Nobody warned me that you could be a ghost man
But I regret nothing with you even after you ran
Leaving me behind ragged and broken
With the beautiful scars that I treasure
I have something bitter yet so tender  
To keep in my jar of thick love that’s gone slender

I gaze at the moon and see your broad figure
And I trace your face with my trembling finger
Trying to bring my mind to understand your vigor
Your anger has blended with my sweet nature
And your scent reminds me of the ruthless poacher
Spying on his prey and waiting for the chance to approach her

 Oh dear ghost-man

I hear that now you are dead and gone
How could you forget to return and switch me back on
Because you left me dead and a subject for people to pick on

Are you ignoring me or can you hear my silent cry?
The wrath of the woman who wishes to never die
Or is it that you meant death when you told me “good-bye”
Whatever the case, I am moving on now
Rest in peace wherever you are now
You were ghostly then and you are a ghost now

The Eeeeend!!! Thank you for taking your time to read through this, i really appreciate it. You can share this with friends, maybe that person you think this post might touch as well. I will appreciate your feedback down here in t he comment section (they always encourage and inspire me to do more)...and your shares too.

God Bless :)))) xx

Tuesday, February 23, 2016


A brother does not only sit on the table to have dinner with you at the end of the day in the name of family. He is someone who will always be your best company despite the disagreements and misunderstandings. The only person who will forever be understanding when the days get dark.

Taken by Dharshie, visit @dharshie_photography on IG 

 He is the one who will put his hand over your shoulder and walk you through your days when all you have left is the mere strength to blink and inhale oxygen. This is what a typical brother is but not for me… I do not have a brother, I have a half of me always. My brother is my all and the reason as to why I am a better person today:
Here is a short poem about what a brother is:


He is my strength and I confide in him for all my days
The pillar by my side for when I fall he picks me up and we dance
The one who never directs my steps to the wrong just for pretense
My self-proclaimed father to never allow me to be a nuisance 
And I cannot imagine myself without him, God please never make him my past tense

He is my worst yet best for as long as I can remember
He makes my Sundays and every last day of December
In July he is the reason why my mood remains so somber
Remembering the days when he used to never be sober
And I heal of the wounds that are cut open each time in October
Because I am reminded of his reckless past as a stoner
But I sing Hallelujah to the healing of his disorder    

He is my other half and indeed my all
For it is he who directed me away from cliff where I would fall
But instead he has put in me, the spirit and habit of standing tall
To conquer and overcome for I am victorious through it all
Today I can walk and run for he taught me during my crawl

Indeed my brother is not just the other half of me but my all

Thank you for reading, kindly share and give feedback, i'll appreciate it :) xx

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Totally exhausted!!

Life, right? Have you ever felt like you were on-top of the world, as if every particle of the air that brushes past your skin purposely plants a kiss on it… then the following day it is a complete different story? Well that happens all the time to me, almost every hour for girls anyway hahahaha…
In times like this, what do you do? Those times that you feel extremely down??? Sometimes confused and lost… not being able to make decisions such as “do I keep trying or do I give up?”.  Well for each individual there is always a remedy and mine differs according to the environment I am in. One of the best that I have ever done was with my best friend (who will probably attempt to murder me after seeing this), as shown in the picture (ignore how ugly our feet look, lol).
Sometimes all a girl needs is a quiet day far away from people with that one person who can make her laugh even when a smile takes a million times more effort than usual. And sometimes… a laptop or pen and paper somewhere on-top of a mountain does it for those who love poetry.
Totally exhausted” is one of the poems that I wrote when honestly, I was tired of school (hides face behind T-shirt)…trust me everything was just so hard that semester if I had the powers to vanish I would without hesitating. Anyway, I’m glad I didn’t :) and here is the poem… enjoy

Totally exhausted;
I am tired, so tired, and extremely exhausted of being your slave
I am done, gone and never to be seen under your harsh ruling
I am thin to the core and frustrated by your extreme load
I am dangerously overwhelmed and slowly losing grip,

They tell me that I’m a rose and a honey coated apple to the eye, but no;
I am sick, ill and very unbalanced due to your heavy tasks
I am weak and without strength, my knees have eventually betrayed me
I am trembling and uncontrollably shaking at the sound of your ugly name

They tell me that I’m brave and of a very strong character, but no;
I have become dependent and blindly worshiping you in almost all my doings
I have withered and by lips have forgotten the taste of greatness and truth
I have no heart and all of my empty spaces are left for you to rejoice over

 They say I am a superstar and anyone could die to be like me, but no;
I am in a ditch of sinister noises and horrifying screams of desperate spirits
I am a miserable nightmare and a total wreck, I can never be of any great worth
I have shut down and completely died because you have exhausted my every strength
Here I lay helpless and empty, wishing that I could vanish and never have to face you again

I hope that you can relate to this, being a student currently or an alumni at a learning institution. The journey is never easy but it certainly is worth  it. :)

From this picture you can guess from my facial expression just how ‘excited’ I was to see books. I was feeling very ‘exhausted’ and sick of them. Hhahahaha…..and my friend on the other hand was not stressed out even one bit; but she is always that hyper so I was not surprised!  

Kindly drop a comment, and share on your social media… I hope my stories will inspire someone and let them know that they are not alone! What is your story? Have you ever felt TOTALLY EXHAUSTED!?? Well then, share with me in the comment space or find me of FB at Retha Moraa and @Rethamoraa on twitter :) looking forward to hearing from you.

A happy happy new year to you :) xx