Monday, April 18, 2016


Ghost Man... one of my favorite pieces of art!No lie!!:)
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 This poem reflects on so much that i have gone through before, in the past... and that makes it truly personal for me. With sharing this, i hope to let you know that in all that you go through, all those messy situations, the hurtful confusing ones, you know? The very ugly ones: there is a time to let go of all the garbage and step into the light that God has shone upon us. Sometimes the best way to earn that genuine smile is to create peace within and stop fighting battles that can never be won. Cheers to the ones that walk around with genuine smiles... those that were brave enough to let the GHOST MAN free!!! You rockkkk.. and Cheers to those in the process, i hope you will be inspired :)

Ghost man
You came but you are the face that I never knew
How do you feel that to me everything is brand new
That to me there is no one that exists that’s like you
You left me in a puddle of these thorny tears
And my heart throbbing painfully through my ears
You were a ghost through-out all these years
With your touch you completely blinded my sight
And your whispers darkened the day light
But with all that; everything felt so right

Nobody warned me that you could be a ghost man
But I regret nothing with you even after you ran
Leaving me behind ragged and broken
With the beautiful scars that I treasure
I have something bitter yet so tender  
To keep in my jar of thick love that’s gone slender

I gaze at the moon and see your broad figure
And I trace your face with my trembling finger
Trying to bring my mind to understand your vigor
Your anger has blended with my sweet nature
And your scent reminds me of the ruthless poacher
Spying on his prey and waiting for the chance to approach her

 Oh dear ghost-man

I hear that now you are dead and gone
How could you forget to return and switch me back on
Because you left me dead and a subject for people to pick on

Are you ignoring me or can you hear my silent cry?
The wrath of the woman who wishes to never die
Or is it that you meant death when you told me “good-bye”
Whatever the case, I am moving on now
Rest in peace wherever you are now
You were ghostly then and you are a ghost now

The Eeeeend!!! Thank you for taking your time to read through this, i really appreciate it. You can share this with friends, maybe that person you think this post might touch as well. I will appreciate your feedback down here in t he comment section (they always encourage and inspire me to do more)...and your shares too.

God Bless :)))) xx