Friday, June 10, 2016

Brown Skin.


Hello, Helloooo wonderful soul?? Happy New month of June! I am so delighted to bring you this old poem. Old because I wrote it more than a year ago... this is one of those poems that just give me the "chills", you know? It is passion filled and, like the rest of my work, was born from deep within. Cheers to you all brown skinned men, women, boys and girls. You are truly beautiful... made of gold I guess. What ever it is, the soil that created you is one of a kind.

 I dedicate this to all the brown skinned and all who love them as much as I do.

Enjoy :) xx

Brown skin...
Here's to the chocolate moments
The saccharine times that I cherish
Of the romantic waft you branded
And glorious kisses you planted

Brown skin
Here's to the tender feel you plant on me
To the warm energy you transfer
The angelic touches
 And the electrifying feel you ignite

Brown skin...
Here's to the little pores you host
That expel thy fruity scent
So addictive and alluring
And the firm pose, so charming

Brown skin
Here's to the imperfections you hold
The curves and edges so enticing
As deep with perfection
And the shimmering, silky figure
The spotless clay well crafted
Of the heavenly brand that God created

Brown skin...
Here's to the mind blowing moments
To the passion buried in you
To the caress so intense yet tender
To your classic moves I surrender

Brown skin...
Here's to the legacy of you
The haunting grips you left behind
That can never vanish but intensify

Here's to everything about you
Because you know I love you
Oh, Brown Skin.


 This poem was first published on Wattpad, those who follow me might have come across it. My username is Twinkle064 if you would like to read the Wattpad version of it. Thanks and I hope you enjoyed it... did you feel it?? Remember to drop a comment... share and keep reading. Much love  xx

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Kisses! :)


  1. I'm just amazed by your creativity.awesome work queen

    1. Thank you Patricia. keep Queenin'👑

  2. Its a true définition of the Word poem...very poetic.. Thumbs up👍👌

  3. Replies
    1. thank you blueblunt :)
      i appreciate you for reading this piece

  4. That is so wow!
    Amazing structuring of words and the analysis brings about appreciation of having the little you got rather than counting the stars but forgetting the sun...well articulated Moraa, I support you and will stand by you, worry not����

    1. It's Mustaqim here aka Qim4Academics ;)

    2. haha... Qim. all the best in your endevors :)

    3. as they say Mr!! appreciate what you have before its all gone ...thank you :))) xx

    4. as they say Mr!! appreciate what you have before its all gone ...thank you :))) xx