Thursday, July 21, 2016

Margins Of Beauty!

Dear Woman of the African soil, you are gorgeous, you are amazing and lovable. Let not the guidelines of the world direct and influence your dreams. Be ambitious and dare to do things greater than yourself... nobody got time for quality that is at the bottom of the ladder. Strike and shine, but don't forget to be yourself- "The glamorous woman who defines the very margins of beauty" :) xx

An African woman defining the very margins of beauty!! Picture courtesy of Fusion Imagery

 This piece is particularly meant to celebrate and pour out the love to the African woman, encourage you and remind you of your worth. It is also to challenge you to be your best yet, to imagine what it would be like if only you took the effort to be better in all areas of your life instead of just dreaming. Just how much different it would be if you were your authentic self, no secrets, no lies, no what ifs, no "only if"s, no "i wish" and so on...!!

 Lots of love from me, enjoy :)

Margins Of Beauty!

I define the very margins of beauty

Honestly, I wish I had a little bit more of nature in me

I just want to feel good, every second that I breathe

And compose music each time my heart plays the beat

I (want to) swing my hips from left to right and dance to my own theme 

I (want to be) am my own woman, strong and desirable

And I let not the customs of today define beauty for me

I (want to) lose my plastic and shine a brighter reflection of me

To let the world see Africa in my eyes, and the amour of self-worth

Yes, I (want to) show the universe that I am a flame of glamour

 I (want to be) am a shooting star in a world of dying wishes

And I redefine the meaning of a shimmering treasure

I step into greatness and break the world’s idea of a woman

Like a milky way, I (want to) attract the artistic eye and the scientific brain

I (want to be) am the satisfaction of my own curiosity about being unique

For this purpose and course, I define the very margins of beauty:

I. Am. A. Glamorous. Woman!! 


How do you define yourself as a woman?? Whom are you letting to influence you?? What does life in the next 10 years look like for you?? Just like any other woman, these are some of the questions that i ask myself and try my best to put myself in the position to achieve my goals. As a woman, i believe we have that ability and power within ourselves to be great and go beyond the physical beauty... DO YOU?? 
Kindly share with other women, and leave a comment in the section provided below. Thank you for reading and i hope that you are challenged to improve yourself today!! Cheers! 

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  1. Just too amazing!!
    Shimmering treasure
    I am a glamorous woman!!!

  2. Just too amazing!!
    Shimmering treasure
    I am a glamorous woman!!!