Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Totally exhausted!!

Life, right? Have you ever felt like you were on-top of the world, as if every particle of the air that brushes past your skin purposely plants a kiss on it… then the following day it is a complete different story? Well that happens all the time to me, almost every hour for girls anyway hahahaha…
In times like this, what do you do? Those times that you feel extremely down??? Sometimes confused and lost… not being able to make decisions such as “do I keep trying or do I give up?”.  Well for each individual there is always a remedy and mine differs according to the environment I am in. One of the best that I have ever done was with my best friend (who will probably attempt to murder me after seeing this), as shown in the picture (ignore how ugly our feet look, lol).
Sometimes all a girl needs is a quiet day far away from people with that one person who can make her laugh even when a smile takes a million times more effort than usual. And sometimes… a laptop or pen and paper somewhere on-top of a mountain does it for those who love poetry.
Totally exhausted” is one of the poems that I wrote when honestly, I was tired of school (hides face behind T-shirt)…trust me everything was just so hard that semester if I had the powers to vanish I would without hesitating. Anyway, I’m glad I didn’t :) and here is the poem… enjoy

Totally exhausted;
I am tired, so tired, and extremely exhausted of being your slave
I am done, gone and never to be seen under your harsh ruling
I am thin to the core and frustrated by your extreme load
I am dangerously overwhelmed and slowly losing grip,

They tell me that I’m a rose and a honey coated apple to the eye, but no;
I am sick, ill and very unbalanced due to your heavy tasks
I am weak and without strength, my knees have eventually betrayed me
I am trembling and uncontrollably shaking at the sound of your ugly name

They tell me that I’m brave and of a very strong character, but no;
I have become dependent and blindly worshiping you in almost all my doings
I have withered and by lips have forgotten the taste of greatness and truth
I have no heart and all of my empty spaces are left for you to rejoice over

 They say I am a superstar and anyone could die to be like me, but no;
I am in a ditch of sinister noises and horrifying screams of desperate spirits
I am a miserable nightmare and a total wreck, I can never be of any great worth
I have shut down and completely died because you have exhausted my every strength
Here I lay helpless and empty, wishing that I could vanish and never have to face you again

I hope that you can relate to this, being a student currently or an alumni at a learning institution. The journey is never easy but it certainly is worth  it. :)

From this picture you can guess from my facial expression just how ‘excited’ I was to see books. I was feeling very ‘exhausted’ and sick of them. Hhahahaha…..and my friend on the other hand was not stressed out even one bit; but she is always that hyper so I was not surprised!  

Kindly drop a comment, and share on your social media… I hope my stories will inspire someone and let them know that they are not alone! What is your story? Have you ever felt TOTALLY EXHAUSTED!?? Well then, share with me in the comment space or find me of FB at Retha Moraa and @Rethamoraa on twitter :) looking forward to hearing from you.

A happy happy new year to you :) xx


  1. "Totally Exhausted" speaks my very being, u ve wrapped my moments in school in that poem...it so feels like u wanna let go the grip n fall hoping it will be a gentle fall...I am so exhausted even right now, my last sem and I feel grinded...I like that poem noooo actually I love it! It is realest...I can feel the spirit of overwhelming experience in the poem, I am enthralled, woow amazing!

    1. wow, thank you Freddy...
      well just know that someone out here has been through the same. but lucky are you that it is your last semester!!! All the best dear :) ...

  2. very gripping. Thanks Moraa. I have no words

  3. Thank-you @Chapo! I appreciate you for taking time to read my work... & I'm glad you liked it 😊 😊

  4. I'm thrilled best friend ,❤️You are amazing
    Feels like you are speaking for me cause I could actually feel the poem
    And haha I would have murdered you for posting my ugly feet but the poem has made me forget about it