Wednesday, December 21, 2016


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Merry X-Mas and a happy new year!!! Well... you have most probably heard enough of these greetings but this one more doesn't hurt, now does it? This December marks one year since I started this blog, I have not exactly been consistent with my posts as I would have liked to but oh well...
it explains why this new, amazing piece that I have for you today!! I have been thinking quite a lot about what life is, what it means to me and why God decided to keep me here for this long (well... not that I an complaining) but because I don't want to waste this precious time and opportunity He has given me TO BE ME.
This entire year, I have been able to discover a very interesting new side of myself. About my character, my interests, my strengths and weaknesses, my beliefs, my career, my personality and above all my faith in God. So, here is a lil sumn' that has been going through my mind for a while now, and I believe being able to answer "important" questions as I progress and adventure into new spaces, that is what will direct me to the so called destination of mine. That's what they call it anyway!
Enjoyyyyyy :) xx

WHOM am I; WHAT do I want?; WHERE do I start?

It is only in the absence of my mischievous loved ones that I appreciate their infuriating hullaballoos

Only in the cage of today’s manipulative city and “fast lanes” that I miss the wilderness I have never known

Yet when the summer comes I often complain of its extreme heat and curse the winter for its life threatening cold

What is it that I really want? Is it the wrath of the so called “calm seas” or the calmness of the same “stormy seas” ?

Because I am trying to figure out the irony of life and the oxymoronic nature of our coexistence

I was created and built to be legitimate, that I know!

And I guess the confusion of life is a mandatory part of the package as a path to discovery

For me to grow and be “WHOLE”;

To fail, then learn;

To fall, then rise;

To get hurt, then heal;

To get lost, then find my way;

To develop thrilling interest in the philosophy of existence in its simplest form, then live the life that I dream of:

Through adventure in pursuit of feeding my naturally curious mind

What is life and what do I really want from it for myself; for God, and for the world?

So I keep asking myself:
"WHOM am I; WHAT do I want?; WHERE do I start?"

Thank you so much for taking time to rea though, as always do not forget to share this post with someone whom it might help. And to go with it, keep in mind that whoever you become is a gift to God, especially when you become just what He has called you to, so it is important to find self, fall in love with self and be self!
For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.
All thanks to Mr. Vick from the Journey MKU for sharing an eye opening lesson on the 3 question. It was truly inspirational :)

oh, and one last thing... I have come to loooooove a song by Alessia Cara. It is amaaaaazing, trust me! You should totally listen to it :), just click HERE!!

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  1. A lot of thinking has been done in this peace and I love it.