Monday, March 27, 2017

I'm in love with my coffee stain

I'm so in love!

I’m in love with my coffee stain!
Let me tell you a story… a very beautiful story about my remarkable coffee stain!!
It is ever printed so boldly on my white tank top. It has shamelessly beautiful eyes and a great personality on top. It has flaws that have progressively proven to be artistically gorgeous! Yes, my coffee stain has a personality and a half with a million shades of brown and diverse shapes from bottom to top.
My coffee stain is a girl
A girl who loves herself because she is so unique! She can and will always do things to promote healing in her life. As strangers continue to stare at her with judging eyes, wondering “what is wrong with this chic?” She care-lessly oozes of an aura that shouts “I’m smart, important, strong, confident and quite a survivor.
I’m happy with whom I am and I believe in myself greatly.
I am special and I will not change myself for anyone because then, I would be a mimic.”
Yes, she is a woman and a half that’s why her name could be Nelly, Purity or Meron… A queen in reign, with bold curves and edges but I choose to call her Monique 

But I lied. My coffee stain is a man!
A very gorgeous man with beautiful hands and a breathtaking smile.
He has sharp eyes that burn with joy from a mile.
He is remarkable with the arts, creating things that just blow my mind.
He is very handy and puts a great twist to everything he manages to stain.
He is every girl’s dream because to go with his alluring coffee smell, he is a great listener!
I named him Mackaskill,, then Eric but ever since I began to miss my home land Lesotho,
I settled with a new name Thabo! By the way… has incredible driving skills!

This article a very special one, dedicated to all my friends!... I may have not put your photo here, but I appreciate you. All the memories you bring to my life and all the time that we spend together. I am so so grateful to have you as part of my chosen family, God bless you!

PS: Most of the words used in this article are words and phrases that have been used by my friends. They have been so inspirational to me and the main reason why I decided to publish this unique piece about them and for them. ♡ 


  1. Mmmmh Nice,i love the words,everything

  2. Baby I am so amazed... Keep the good work!

  3. Baby I am so amazed... Keep the good work!

    1. Thank you darl xx...
      Show some appreciation today to someone special