Monday, May 29, 2017


I love to work and get productive in my everyday activities. One of the things that get me moving and fueled up is the friendship(s) that I form at my work place, the events, conferences that I attend and all the productive spaces that I get involved in. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you would like to see it, once I get a good friend and like them, I can get really attached and always want to spend my time with the person... guess what happens when this kind of person disappears form my life for a week or more...!
 Intro-vexed would be the perfect way to explain it. This is a combination of my introverted self being vexed by the situation... trust me, it ain't pretty :(

Intro-vexed without you

They will continue to watch us
As they have been watching and watching all along
The things that we used to do together
That make me believe that I will not survive your absence
Because I cannot face these billions of eyes and blank faces  
In these pathetic busy streets and hallways

You leave me numb and perplexed for I know not what it feels like 
To not be consumed into your ravishing presence
I cannot stand it
The way they look at me
As if I kidnapped your soul from the face of the earth
The way they stare at me with screaming silence
With pitiful eyes and sorrowful smiles
As if I lost a part of me when you went on leave
I do not know how to deal with it
The small talks that leave me with an oblivious smile
The empty information and hullabaloos
That suck away all my enthusiasm for the moment
And all six black walls that fence me as I walk
Isolating me from the rest of this bad mad world

Return. Rescue. Epole!

Yes those who get to know me well think that i am nowhere near introverted, but trust me!! I can be really socially awkward and hide away in my own shell for as long as i'm around the people that i am not used to. (A dedication to my workmate and "boss" who now is my great friend)