Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Take it however you see it: a literally black heart, a dark aura,cloudy day (like it is today!)... just don't tag it suicidal ;-)
Keep an open mind as you read this, I am not trying to be the female version of Caitlyn Jenner...! But this is what one man said... one wise one who became foolish at the lure of a toxic goddess with a black heart.


Sitting here, cracking my neck from left to right to left to right
Because of the relief that comes with knowing that you are no longer mine
Dear angel with the most kind words and ruthless actions
I am glad to now be an independent host of the consistent search for something new
And never settling even when I find the best of all black hearts

Here lies the product of your unstable mind and unreal truths
Here is the monster that you created by insulting his initial kindness
The most innocent heart and fragile soul that now looks at creatures of your type as worthless and untrustworthy
Meet him, the king of now the ravishing and golden world of black hearts and stone kisses

This is how I went from flapping my light wings,
to running on quivering feet
To walking without direction,
To crawling and rolling my weight to the direction that gravity dictates
Despite my enticing physique and charm,I am as fragile as a new born
Covered in the physical armor that fails to lock my heart away from bullets and riots
Chants and riffraff
From all the black hearts

I have come to learn that my torso, my smile, my eyes, my hands,
My crotch- oh that damn unruly ****
They betray me
They so strongly magnetize the wrong Eves
The rotten ribs that strive to engrave deep into my reluctant soul
And thrive in painting my holy to something I never imagined I could be

A black heart

Have you ever had an encounter with a black heart? Or a toxic soul? Feel free to share your experience and thoughts with me in the comment section, and share with anyone whom you think will love this!! Cheers!!!



  1. A black heart sickens, is ruthless, is unkind, thins your soul and skin., as black as soot, a black heart can loot your happiness leaving you lonely, a black heart piercing your heart with a knife of hatred then run north and south leaving you bleeding, leaving you chocking in your own blood, and when you writh in pain it is the gain of a black sooty heart.,such a good share Retha

    1. wow! Thank you... i love the addition you have there. Truly a black heart can be a savage...

      thanks for passing by :)

  2. Awesome great piece there Retha, I love it

  3. Black hearts turn us into stone hearts...
    I love how you bring it up all together

    1. very true, and we have to be careful not to allow them to consume life out of us...

      Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts!!