Tuesday, July 18, 2017


My Natural!

So I am one of those people who honestly appreciate the power of the make up yet, still love and believe in "thy naturelle beau :)".
For this reason (that I was having a natural or natural crisis), I decided to keep my hair natural so that I have that chance to call myself a "natural" woman even on days that I choose to use make up (which is really rare!).
All women with natural hair (especially with the rough African texture) get away with this somehow... so why not!?? I mean, look at Lupita (K.E)! Look at Lira (S.A)! Just look at them... beautiful aren't they?

Here are more reasons why i decided to "go naturelle" (insert dramatic tone) :

  • First of all, one time I lied to myself (actually it was that lady on YouTube, I think) that managing natural hair would be easier and cheaper because -that lady on YouTube- said she only sprinkled water on her hair, nothing else! Well shock on me!
 Anyway... I made peace with that and now I realize that:
  • I have magical hair: it's thick, black, and super curly! I wear a 4C crown that identifies me with my roots and I love that!
  • The satisfaction that comes with having this "baby" to take care of and see her grow just does it for me! Yes, my hair is my baby (forget the times that I wanted to cut her off. I was not in my right mind and the hair was probably a little suicidal *smirk*!) 
  • It is a good challenge for me, I love long hair so keeping mine and growing it with that hope that one day it will reach to the length that I would love... is quite an interesting ride, especially now that it shrinks to about 80% of it's actual length. Yeah, good luck to me.
  • I looove the smell of natural hair products (particularly coconut oil and shampoo)!! Honestly, just go to one of these shops where you get hair products from and sniff around that hair products section. Don't go around sniffing people's heads though, some are quite... (the unmentionable).
  • Finally I can do whatever I want with my look whether kinky, shaggy/ unkept, locks, straight, braids, lines, whatever it is, I am spoilt for choice. I told you, this hair is magic! And ontop of that, I am not restricted from rocking weaves. #blessings
      I use only castor oil and a little water to make these!
      Oh, and the hair line thing? That's all gel! xx
    About a week ago! All i did was sleep with twist outs then openeed
    them in the morning, brushed the front part and walked out of the house! 

PS: I am not trying to recruit anyone (man or woman) into this natural hair gang, but if you so wish to be a part of it... let's rock it! :)
If you already are "natural", what do you love most about your hair?? And if not, what do you love most about your hair??
Share your thoughts with me down below in the comment section :) xx


  1. I like this piece doll. Ready to rock this natural hair come weekend!

    1. Thank you dear...keep rocking the natural way :)

  2. Hey its Dee here,what i love about my hair is that its annoyingly beautiful lol even though its tough and stressful to manage at the end of it all its worth it cause it gives me an outstanding look....Great post morr <3

    1. awwwww.... hey Dee :p

      and i totally agree with you that hair can give one an outstanding look... keep rocking it girl!!

      (Ps. she has a.m.a.z.i.n.g hair!!)