Monday, October 23, 2017

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Hello there! This new piece was written by one of my friends, who so happens to be an amazing author. He shares part of his life experience through words so beautifully in contrast to the situation addressed. Enjoy and show him some love in the comment section down below.. it will be much appreciated!!

Ps. His details are listed at the end of this article.

The source!

I feel so alone

Even on this bus as I write, 

I feel so alone 

I've called your name but

It gets lost in the wind 

So I guess I'll go on 

Feeling so alone

In a room with countless souls

Some loud, brave and bold 

I stare and wait to see if you'll appear,


I no longer want to be here 

Why won't you call me home 

My vision is not clear 

My sight blurred by the tears

Please let me come home

I've tried to smile

But it hurts my bones 

I've tried to laugh 

But I no longer feel that warmth

My heart now,

It's grown cold 

I guess it's a chance at happiness the shall remain blown

I'm shattered now 

I'm in countless pieces

No one is around to help me seek them

So I turn to 'him'

The one who stays above 

He tells me it's not my time yet

I cannot go home

Pick up the shards 

Let's melt that glass

Taking the heat will be hard

But that's always been the plan 

You see, now that your warm

It'll be easier to mold 

Enough pressure turns dirt to diamonds more valuable than gold

So now I sit here

So now I see

I needed to be alone

I needed to think

You see the broken pieces is why I felt so alone

But now that pieces are together again,

I will go back to being whole


The Source!

Thank you for taking your time to read this.

Author's Details: David Du
You Tube - DavidDu
Instagram- @david_du


  1. Love love love all the way up, wrote some mooree!

    1. Thank you on his behalf, he is really good :)

  2. This is so accurately beautiful ��