Friday, December 01, 2017

Yummies & babies! Let's make merry.

I am not a very big fan of kids just lazying around and spending their time in front of the TV screen. Call me the “fun spoiler” but really, it’s very unhealthy! These holidays I unfortunately and fortunately have two little boys that I have to keep entertained and happy like my life depends on it. One (cousin) is 12 and the other (brother) is turning 9 this month. Since food is “the way to put a smile” on any male face, I decided to find new things to cook for them… things that required them to get engaged!! Did I mention that they like to be in the kitchen with me? (Blessing No. 1) lol

Today we decided to begin our month baking (or rather tray baking as the internet taught me) the yummiest cake with my two happy helpers. I will share the recipe down below. You can try this with your kids as well, cousins, siblings, significant other…anyone!!

Try it, its affordable and fun!


(NB: I used simple measuring instruments that you can find in almost every household, I got you;) )

Half of the 500g margarine
200g of sugar (almost half of the 500g margarine container)
Self-raising flour (1500g sing margarine container)
2sps baking powder
Food color
4 eggs
Ingredients costed about 600kenyan shillings!! 


1.Mix the flour with baking powder in one bowl
2.In bowl 1: Add margarine and sugar. Mix with your hands (don’t forget your little helpers ) until the mixture is fine again

3.In bowl 2: beat the eggs

4.Add the eggs to bowl 1 and mix
5.Add one cup of milk in the new mixture 
6.Add 4 spoons of sultanas (yes! I used a spoon to measure the quantity)

7.Mix everything together for about 2mins., and keep adding little milk until you are satisfied with the softness of the dough. It should easily slide off of a spoon when you raise it into the air!
8.Preheat your oven at 180C and make sure that you grease the pan with margarine 
9.Turn out into the tin/ pan and level the top
10.Mix a spoon of milk with food color. Dip a fork into the mixture and run it on top of the leveled dough making patterns  
11.Bake for about 30- 35mins

12.Leave to cool
13.Cut into whatever size pieces you like (Ps. Cut out bite sizes for smaller children!)

14.Serve to your delight! 

Enjoy your desserts and have an amazing holiday season!! Ho ho ho!!
If you have anything that you would recommend for me to try, kindly drop it in the comment section below and also share with me how your yummy cake baking adventure goes with your little team!

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